"Profit from the Collaborative Power
of Your Logic & Intuition"
"Profit from
of Your Logic & Intuition"
the Collaborative Power
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About Hans
Hans de Graaf was born 50 years ago in Spakenburg, a small Dutch village in the middle of The Netherlands.

He studied Analytical Chemistry (University of Utrecht). He graduated with the title 'Drs.' (short for 'doctorandus', meaning 'someone who can become a doctor'). This title compares best to the international title Master in Science.

Hans had a short career in the pharmaceutical industry (Glaxo). He started as sales representative for Zantac (a product against gastric acid related diseases). Directly after finishing the company's Management Development Course, he was promoted to Head of the Purchase Department. In 1995 Hans left Glaxo to start his own company.

Hans' first ICT company produced Interactive Voice Processing systems. In 1998 he became in e-learning. First for drugstores only (Drogisterij Academy), later (2007) for a broader group of clients (Icademy.nl).

In 2013, Hans co-founded HiHaHo Video Enrichment, an online software tool to add interactivity to learning videos.

Hans has always found it hard to make decisions. As a real 'maximizer' it took him very long to decide. And after the decision, a maximizer is not done yet. He is always aware if a better decision would have been possible.

To change this unproductive, time consuming, behavior, he started studying the subject of Decision Making and meanwhile trying to improve his own decision making processes. What Hans interests most is how the cognitive brain biases prevent you from making the best decision ... without you even knowing it.

Brain knowledge is not only important to mitigate the biases in decision making, but also in (developing) (e-)learning. So 'brain' and brain tweaks became the central theme in Hans' life. He found that very often people are in 'auto pilot' mode, using only one particular part of their brain, depending on the circumstances. In most situtations better results can be achieved when you also activate other parts of your brain. In short: be brainful!

Hans' mission is to educate people on Brainful Leadership. Better decisions will lead to better outcomes and in the end to better business results and more happy lives.

Brainful Leadership Institute
In 2017 Hans founded the Brainful Leadership Institute to support his mission. Surf to www.brainfulleadership.com for  more information.

Email: hans@brainfulleadership.com
Phone: +31 6 55 77 29 08
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