"Profit from the Collaborative Power
of Your Logic & Intuition"
"Profit from
of Your Logic & Intuition"
the Collaborative Power
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Why book Hans?

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I am an expert capable of transferring my knowledge in a clear manner using metaphors, stories, and subtle humor. Because I have a background in the online learning industry, I know how to apply brain principles to keep your audience fresh and engaged.
I am known for my relatability, friendliness, and enthusiasm, no matter the size of the audience. My drive to really help people to make positive changes in their lives and businesses is contagious.

7 reasons why you should book Hans

Your business is unique! Hans will always adjust his talk to meet that uniqueness by giving recognizable examples and take aways adjusted to your situation and needs.

Hans has the ability to make complicated thingssimple’. Using appealing metaphors and lots of examples even the toughest subject are made easy.

There’s only one thing Hans can’t do: being unauthentic. When you book Hans, well … you get Hans, one hundred percent.

Easy to work with
Hans is not a prima donna but more a down-to-earth type of guy. His one and only goal is to make your event a raving success.

Hans uses NO POWERPOINT. Instead he uses visual metaphores to make his points remarkable and rememberable. And by constantly interacting with his audience he puts their brains to work for better learning.

Entrepreneurial experience
Hans has been a succesful entrepreneur since 1995 building succesful companies in ICT, online learning and interactive video. There’s basically nothing that Hans hasn’t dealed with before.

Based on up-to-date science
Hans studies and reads about 4 hours a day. Hans conveys this knowledge in easy to follow steps for use in your business/life.

Convinced? Book Hans right now!

Tel. +31-655 772 908

Email: hans@brainfulleadership.com
Phone: +31 6 55 77 29 08
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